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Project LUCI

Ellucian’s Colleague SAAS Rollout

We are moving our mainframe systems (SIS and FRS), consisting of student information, financial information, HR, and financial aid, to the Cloud. This is great news because most systems of this kind have a life expectancy of 18 years, so we are overdue for this much needed overhaul. Ellucian’s Colleague will help us create a custom digital solution for the systems that will comprise our ERP, or “Enterprise Resource Planning” system. As we build this new system, our goal is to take advantage of every opportunity to redesign our business processes, improve our efficiency, and create new, user-friendly solutions that will improve our workflow as an organization.

Over the next 18 months, Loyola team leaders and technical experts will work closely with Ellucian to guide all of us through training and implementation of our new ERP, aka Project LUCI. We are all stakeholders in Project LUCI. Training will be offered in phases and customized for different stakeholders. Some training has already begun. We will share further announcements regarding training schedules, configuration, testing, data migration, reporting, and specific timelines in future editions of At a Glance. Project LUCI, here we go!

Acronyms + names associated with the project:

  • LUCI - Loyola University Colleague Implementation
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • SIS & FRS - Soon to be our former ERP system
  • New LORA or LORA Self-Service - Student-facing system 

Project LUCI Steering Committee:

  • Carol Markowitz
  • Alan Schomaker
  • Robert Nelson
  • Tootie Buisson
  • Rachel Dirmann
  • Maria Calzada
  • Nathan Ament
  • Jonathan Peterson
  • Nate Straight
  • Lorraine Chotin
  • Linda Burke - Representing Ellucian
  • Judy Muse - Consultant engaged from Strata Information Group (SIG) as the Project Manager

Support and Resources:

If you need help accessing training materials or support accessing the system, please review our training and support page for students, faculty, and staff. 

Training + Resources