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Implementation Guiding Principles

There is a set of guiding principles that underlies Project LUCI to ensure its success. The teams involved with the project refer to these guidelines, goals, standards, and assumptions at all steps of their work. 


  • This project is a significant change to how we operate and is driven by strategic goals. Technology supports these goals but does not drive them.
  • This project is not about how we do things today, but about striving towards best practices.
  • We will take a positive approach to change.
  • The needs of the project as a whole will serve as a priority for our management team.
  • Our executive leadership will support the project through regular updates,  allocation of appropriate resources, and timely decision-making.


  • We will work together to accomplish our goals.
  • We will foster a safe environment among our team members, encouraging collaboration, honesty, respect, transparency, responsibility, accountability, and personal growth.


  • We will adhere to the project management and implementation methodologies recommended by our Ellucian implementation partners.
  • Tasks will be completed on time and with a high standard of excellence.
  • We will make decisions in a timely manner. 
  • Our team members, or an appropriate substitute, will attend all necessary meetings.
  • The appropriate team members will be assigned and attend all training.
  • We will communicate effectively and in a timely manner.
  • We will communicate issues, risks, and concerns to the project management team immediately.
  • We will be flexible with the scheduling of resources and time to support the forward progress of the project as a whole.