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Colleague Core Overview

Higher education institutions usually divide IT systems into three categories. For example:

  • Instructional - Canvas
  • Student Recruitment - RNL & Slate
  • Finance and Administration (FRS and SIS) - The ERP systems

Currently, our IT Department focuses a lot of energy on keeping these systems talking to each other.

Our new system, Colleague, is a fully integrated application that allows everyone immediate access to the same data, ensuring that, university-wide, decisions are based on the same information. Colleague Core provides a central repository for information. For example, an individual helping a student register can get online access to current course information, the student’s financial aid award or package, or even an existing accounts receivable balance. Data is entered only once and is then shared with all authorized users. Faculty advisors and student services personnel will have access to the most recent information available, and we will save time we used to spend waiting on information from other departments. Overall, increased efficiency translates into a better experience for our students.


Colleague CORE organizational tree