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Organizational Structure

Teamwork is essential to the success of Project LUCI. We have established the following structure to give role clarity to people involved in the implementation so they can work effectively together.


Organizational Structure Tree


Our Project Sponsor is Carol Markowitz, COO and CFO. The Steering Committee addresses project issues and challenges that are uncovered during implementation and evaluates policies and practices that need to change.

The Core Team meets weekly to review the project status, provide support to work team leaders, and finalize implementation decisions. Each Core Team member is responsible for micro decision-making, completing assigned tasks, and training their staff. Functional and Technical Team leaders collaborate with the Core Team to ensure that best practices are always followed and that potential pitfalls are identified and avoided. Functional Teams include student functions (admissions, records, degree audit, and curriculum), financial aid, human resources, and finance. Technical Teams are charged with populating the system with our data, creating the workflows within the system that make it function, setting up the reports we will use, and thoroughly testing the new ERP.  Core members can be reached at

Project Core Committee Members:

  • Alan Schomaker, Project Manager
  • Rachel Dirmann, Human Resources
  • Tootie Buisson, Finance
  • Patrick Armstrong, Student Functions
  • Kathy Gros, Student Functions
  • Bridgett Thompson, Admissions
  • Linda Osorio, Financial Aid
  • Mary Musso, Student Accounts
  • Shannon Duplantis, Bursar
  • Nate Straight, Analytics
  • Lorraine Chotin, Communications
  • Judy Muse -Strata Information Group (SIG), Project Manager